Ray Doran is a mature (questionable) gentleman (by order of the President), a contrarian (made-up word) who is always RIGHT! (Hah)

The Rich Can Do No Wrong »

There! I’ve said it! Now, everybody in the world (or at least the two people who read this) knows that “the rich (and powerful) can do no wrong.”

“The rich can do no wrong” is the CREDO that moves America today. It is the overriding reason for our present financial crisis, and unless we acknowledge, understand, and combat this, all the stimulus monies in the world won’t solve our financial woes.

How did TRCDNW come about? It is nothing more than advanced Reaganomics. Tell the world that everything must be given to the rich and powerful in order for there to be progress, and you make them God-like, which is how they see themselves today. Didn’t some CEO wail that ordinary people just couldn’t understand how difficult it was to live on only $7 million a year?

Who are these people? The obvious ones are heads of larger corporations and the associated boards of directors. Include also the top dogs of trusts and non-profits, and professional actors and athletes. Certainly most high-ranking elected public officials fall into this grouping. And my least favorite category is newscasters, whom I will address some other day.

TRCDNW is a DISEASE and is totalitarian as it functions. How can it possibly meet the democratic principal of “by the people, for the people”? When you believe you are superior to the riff-raff, laws don’t apply to you, accounting procedures don’t apply to you, popular morality doesn’t apply, and accepted standards are for others.

I am shocked that no religious leader in America has spoken out against this ominous trend; in fact, some have supported TRCDNW. Maybe I should have included them with the cast of characters mentioned previously.

The $450 billion Savings & Loan crisis during Bush I, was just the opening salvo in today’s and tomorrow’s financial dilemma. And I can’t remember any of the $450 billion disappearing into the hands of us riff-raff.

“Reaganomics” DOES NOT Work »

“Reaganomics” or “supply-side economics” or “trickle-down theory” (as we tend to call it today) didn’t work for President Reagan, hasn’t worked since, and historically has never worked. For awhile when Reagan was President, it appeared to be working because most of our citizens (I voted for him twice) supported him. But that was just a mirage and I believe that “trickle-down” (as I will call it henceforth) was the primary cause of the demise of President George H. W. Bush.

My dictionary defines “trickle” as “a thin slow stream; a drip.” If we were talking about water, that’s just about the amount needed for water TORTURE. And, believe me, it is definitely torturous for the poor and needy to wait for the crumbs dispatched by the rich and powerful.

Who in history has taken their riches and benefited the poor and needy? Was it that queen whose subjects were starving who said, “Let them eat cake?” Was it Andrew Carnegie who made money on the backs of poor children, and then built monoliths bearing his name that poor people can’t afford to even attend? Is it today’s CEOs who create their own accounting and worry about “golden parachutes” instead of their stockholders or employees?

Let’s take “Reaganomics” and flush it down where it belongs. Every time I hear a newscaster or politician support tax cuts for the wealthy, I hear only the word GREED! FDR’s tax rates were too high and George W. Bush’s rates were too low. Let’s compromise and do right by our children and their children.

A Gift for President Obama »

Congratulations to our new President, Barack Obama; and isn’t it wonderful to get rid of the politically correct term: President-Elect. We all (except for a few moronic individuals) wish him the best, because his best is in our own best interests.

What a wonderful day, this January 20, 2009, to initiate this blog! My personal gift to the ex-President-Elect is a STIMULUS idea that I have not previously heard.

Some time ago, an official from a retailers association suggested a sales-tax holiday. Apparently it did not go over well since I heard no more; while it would help retailers, the bulk of the money would end up in the hands of the Chinese who make most of our goods, and our trade deficit would have gotten worse.

Suppose, however, we had a sales-tax holiday ONLY on goods made in America with a limit of 20K/25K. (1) Luxury items and gas guzzlers would be eliminated. (2) American sales would increase and new jobs would be created – here in the USA. (3) The trade deficit would decrease if anything. (4) The sales-tax holiday could cover a longer period of time giving people an opportunity to research American-made goods.